At LandTech Enterprises  we guarantee your 100% satisfaction, and every client is important to us. We promise you will be delighted with every interaction, report, or service you buy from us, or we will do whatever it takes to make it right at any time.

We are an ISO 9000-2001 & ISO 27001-2005 Certified Company

Prior to delivering our final 3D images to our clients we perform a great number of resolution and other tests so we are 100% sure about what we find.

We are the first passive seismic company in the world  to provide 3D high resolution Passive Seismic Tomography to the upstream industry.

We maintain international/industry standards that our clients are used to and expect.

We combine our capabilities with partners across the globe, giving our clients access to a vast range of information and state-of-the-art technology.

We work closely with local communities to create a secure environment and can penetrate regions where others cannot.

Most importantly, we are committed to you.

LandTech Enterprises  enjoys a reputation in its field of which it is justifiably proud. If you are considering engaging the firm, you are welcome to consult any number of past or current clients regarding the company's background, capabilities or performance.

LandTech’s methodologies and results are published in the most well-known scientific Journals. LandTech’s scientific personnel on their majority are PhD holders many of them ex-professors coming from respective Academic Institutes. Click here to see some of these publications.

LandTech-Geophysics applies many QC tests prior to reviling the PST results to its clients Click here