Company Information

LandTech Enterprises was established in 1998 as University spin off company and it was the first company to provide high resolution Passive Seismic Tomography services (PST) to the oil industry. The company grew quickly especially in 1999-2000 time frame as it closed a deal with Enterprise Oil to perform for the first time its innovative method 3D Passive Seismic Tomography.

During 2014 LandTech Enterprises in collaboration with Terradat, a geophysical contractor at UK, created an affiliate company, LandTech-Geophysics Ltd which absorbed LandTech Enterprisesas. LandTech-Geophysics moved its headquarters from Athens to Cardiff UK.

Today, LandTech-Geophysics (a member of the Landtech group of companies) is the worldwide leader in the field of passive seismic both in PST services and also reservoir monitoring and Shale Fracking warning systems. The company is based in Cardiff (main office) while it operates a processing center in Athens and one in Jakarta in collaboration with FAD Geophysics.

The company manufactures throughout its affiliate company Geobit its own seismographs (data recorders and seismometers), specifically designed for passive seismic investigations. LandTech-Geophysics has developed its own PST processing software, such as neural network based, passive seismic tomographic inversion algorithms, and provides 3-D velocity, Poisson’s ratio and quality factor cubes for entire exploration blocks, along with structural and lithologic interpretations.

LandTech designs its own processing software. The recently announced Tomographic inversion software (PATOS) is a state of the art algorithm concentrating all the advances of the inversion and ray tracing methodologies. The innovative component of PATOS is that it is designed around an expert system shell which indicates to the operator the most appropriate parameters while on the other hand has the ability for self adjusting grid length (voxels) dimensions taking in account the distribution of ray tracing (Ray hit).

The company has started recently to provide and 4D tomography services for monitoring of producing reservoir and fracking activities using only an array of surface seismic special designed 32bit recorders and signal compensated in-house developed wide band seismometers.

LandTech’s philosophy has four key building blocks which have contributed to the current success of the company and also form a sound base for the future growth and diversification of the group.

Enables LandTech to provide clients with impartial advice and to identify optimum and cost-effective needs.

Ensures that whilst the core business of the company remains in the petroleum sector a broad client base, wide geographical spread of activities plus a comprehensive range of skills enable an integrated service to be provided.

Detailed knowledge of current development trends and focused use of proven and emerging technologies provide clients with the technological edge required to add value to their business.

The expertise and skill of LandTech’s consultants and management team are key components which combine to provide clients with the service they require. 40% of LandTech’ s scientific personnel are PhD holders and the company possesses a strong Academic flavor putting emphasis on reliable scientific solutions and the development of new exploration methodologies and products.

These attributes combine to form a strong and professional consultancy company which is proactive in identifying and responding to clients’ requirements. Our strength lies in our ability to understand clients’ needs and to provide solutions which are both technically appropriate and cost-effective.

LandTech comprises a flexible geoscience resource which can be accessed either to undertake complete projects or to support clients’ in-house capabilities.