Company Information

LandTech is a leading global provider of passive seismic data and associated products to the oil and gas industry. LandTech specializes in the planning, acquisition, processing, interpretation, and marketing of 3-D Passive Seismic Tomography surveys worldwide. LandTech also offers proprietary seismic acquisition and processing services, Engineering Geophysics surveys, Seismological investigations. Another main section of LandTech is Magnetotelluric services for hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration. We possess a state of the art gear of MT equipment and we can mobilize 4 different survey crews all over the world. In addition to MT we can also offer Gravity services and joint interpretation (inversion of passive, MT and Gravity data)

Specifically, LandTech employs new, high-tech methods for oil and gas exploration and oil field development under service contracts with oil producing companies, both foreign and domestic. An advantage that LandTech Passive methods have over competing seismic exploration service companies derives from its use of the new developed geologic structure imaging technology. This technology provides significant additional information concerning the location and physical characteristics of an oil and gas reservoir beyond that which can be obtained using conventional seismic methods, and does so at a substantially lower cost. LandTech has carried out a number of large projects using this technology and currently others are in the negotiation stage.

Since the formation of the company in 1998, LandTech has provided a range of Geoscience Consultancy Services to the petroleum and associated industries. Landetch has gained a reputation for providing clients with a fully integrated service built around independence, professionalism and the expertise of its personnel.

LandTech’s philosophy has four key building blocks which have contributed to the current success of the company and also form a sound base for the future growth and diversification of the group.

Enables LandTech to provide clients with impartial advice and to identify optimum and cost-effective needs.

Ensures that whilst the core business of the company remains in the petroleum sector a broad client base, wide geographical spread of activities plus a comprehensive range of skills enable an integrated service to be provided.

Detailed knowledge of current development trends and focused use of proven and emerging technologies provide clients with the technological edge required to add value to their business.

The expertise and skill of LandTech’s consultants and management team are key components which combine to provide clients with the service they require. 40% of LandTech’ s scientific personnel are PhD holders and the company possesses a strong Academic flavor putting emphasis on reliable scientific solutions and the development of new exploration methodologies and products.

These attributes combine to form a strong and professional consultancy company which is proactive in identifying and responding to clients’ requirements. Our strength lies in our ability to understand clients’ needs and to provide solutions which are both technically appropriate and cost-effective.

LandTech comprises a flexible geoscience resource which can be accessed either to undertake complete projects or to support clients’ in-house capabilities.