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Announcements 2016

  • LandTech established an agreement with Dysan Global Pte Ltd to expand its services in SE Asia.
  • LandTech develops a new surface reservoir monitoring system.
  • LandTech exhibits at 85th SEG, 18-23 Oct, New Orleans.
  • LandTech exhibits at SPG exhibition & Conference Dec.,Jahpur, India.


Announcements 2015

  • LandTech is collaborating with Prof. J. Makris team to provide offshore active and passive services.
  • LandTech is collaborating with Prof. J. Makris team to design a new hybrid offshore Seismic and MT instrument.


Announcements 2014

  • LandTech exhibits at 84SEG 26-31 Oct, Denver.
  • LandTech Develops a new low noise high sensitivity shale fracking monitoring surface seismometer.
  • LandTech moves its headquarters at Cardiff UK where operates together with its affiliate shale fracking company LandTech-Geophysics (


Announcements 2013

  • New Passive project signed between LandTech and the National oil company of Indonesia (PSG) for a block in W. Papua. LandTech will install 80 stations for a period of 8 months.
  • LandTech introduced a new autonomous surface real time fracking monitoring seismic network with Wi-Fly (faster than Wi-Fi and less power consumption) and satellite telemetry to a central processing unit.
  • LandTech finished the design and final tests of a new 32 bit low power consumption digitizer to be used for surface monitoring fracking activities.
  • LandTech designed and tested a new powerful auto detection of P- and S- phases algorithm for noisy environments.
  • LandTech participated in the 4th passive EAEG workshop March 15-18, Amsterdam.
  • LandTech exhibits its services at SEG Houston 13-17Sept 2013. Visit us at booth #3344


Announcements 2012

  • LandTech completed the design and tests of a unique Ocean Bottom Seismograph being able to operate up to depths of 10Km and synchronized via an atomic clock. This unit will be used by LandTech for offshore passive seismic tomography services.
  • LandTech finished the first stage of developing a full wave seismic tomographic inversion parallel algorithm in order to increase farther the resolution of its results.
  • LandTech exibits at GEO2012 3-7Mar 2012 Bahrain
  • LandTech signed an agreement with PT Geowave a major geophysical contractor in Indonesia to expand its services in the region.
  • LandTech delivered the final results of a PST survey in Assam-India to ONGC.
  • LandTech developed a new sensitive seismic sensor for hydraulic cracking monitoring from the surface.
  • LandTech finished a fracking monitoring survey for Stream Oil in Albania.
  • LandTech expanded its magnetotellurics gear by adding another 6 MT stations from Metronix.


Announcements 2011

  • LandTech completed a seismic monitoring survey for Grande Paroisse/Total in Thurso-Scottland.
  • LandTech entered an agreement with Dana Geophysical, a major geophysics contractor in Iran, to extend its services in the region.
  • LandTech has entered an agreement with Seismik s.r.o. Prague to co-develop synthetic seismic algorithms.
  • LandTech introduces a quarterly Newsletter to inform the industry about new developments in Passive Seismic click here
  • LandTech introduces a new service: high resolution ambient noise seismic interferometric tomography (ANSIT(c) ) based on short period surface waves. Click here
  • LandTech will be Exhibiting its services in SEG St Antonio-USA with a booth.
  • LandTech participates with a booth at EAEG 2011 passive seismics conference.
  • LandTech signed a new contract with Stream Oil Canada to perform a 70 stations high resolution passive seismic tomography survey in Albania
  • LandTech will perform a 4000 stations gravity survey in SE Albania.
  • LandTech acquires another 2 CG5 Scintrex gravity meters to expand its gravity survey network
  • LandTech acquired Vinci Technologies SIMFRAC system to extend its activities in reservoir hydraulic fracture monitoring
  • Soon LandTech opens offices in Iran and Venezuela
  • Visit our booth #650. At GEOINDIA 2011 - New Dehli


Announcements 2010

  • LandTech has started to include Hydrogen and Methanol Cell technology for its seismographs. Click here for more
  • LandTech Opens offices in Moscow to control its activities in Russia
  • LandTech opens offices in Lima Peru
  • LandTech has entered an agreement with ESG-Canada to collaborate in resrvoire monitoring projects
  • LandTech had entered an agreement with the Geophysics Dept of Charles University-Prague/Czech Republic to co-develop a methodology to derive conventional 2D and 3D seismic reflection sections from passive 3D velocity cubes using advanced seismic wave propagation numerical algorithms
  • LandTech is opening offices in Lima/Peru to control its South American operations
  • LandTech has completed the GRAMAPAS algorithm to joint invert Gravity -Magnetotelluric and Passive Seismic Tomography data for structural and lithologic information click here
  • LandTech entered an agreement with SeismoTech Ltd to market its activities in Europe
  • Lantech is looking for international representatives (click here)
  • Landtech entered an agreement with ONGC-India to perform a passive seismic survey as ASSAM area
  • LandTech will be exhibiting in GEOINDIA - Dec 2010.


Announcements 2009

  • LandTech opens offices in Papua New Guinea to coordinate its activities in the region
  • LandTech enters an agreement with Stream Oil Canada to provide a second passive survey for a gas field in Albania.
  • LandTech signs an agreement with the Russian Academy of Sciences to be the exclusive worldwide provider of Infrasonic Geophysical Location of Anomalies (IGLA)- low frequency direct indication of hydrocarbons methodology.
  • LandTech introduces HYdrocarbon Passive Infrasonic Seismic (HYPIS)- low frequency direct indication of hydrocarbons technology.


Announcements 2008

  • LandTech opens offices in New Delhi -India to coordinate all India activities.
  • See us at the EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2008 in Rome. Booth No. 8228
  • Landtech has entered into agreement with ONGC to perform a Passive Seismic Survey in India in March 2008.


Announcements 2007

  • Landtech has been awarded a Passive Seismic Project in Southern Albania by Stream Oil & Gas Ltd in November 2007. Preliminary results are expected by the end of July 2008.
  • LandTech introduces the PASOM method employing Kohonnen Neural Networks in passive seismic data visualization.
  • LandTech awarded a passive investigation project in Mozamvique.
  • LandTech provides VSP services for IFP in France.


Announcements 2006

  • LandTech Enterprises SA announces Passive Survey award in Yemen
  • LandTech SA has entered into an agreement with DNO Yemen AS to perform a Passive Seismic Survey in Yemen starting April 2006. The Passive Survey runs in parallel with a 3D conventional acquisition on the block and has as a goal to provide a 3D Vp and Vp/Vs model as well as fracture distribution in the area, fist phase results are expected by the end of August 2006.
  • LandTech has just finished successfully the construction and testing of a revolu-tionary seismograph specially desighned for passive seismic surveys.
  • LandTech has openned offices in Villahermosa-Mexico to coordinate all Latin America activities.
  • LandTech introduces special seismic services using vibroseis recordings at large offsets for reliable velocity modelling in difficult geologies.


Announcements 2005

  • LandTech Is pleased to announce its collaboration with Z-Corporation ( and the possibility to provide its customers with Physical 3D Models of their geology.
  • LandTech has signed an agreement with Physical Acoustics Corp. ( the world leader in Acoustic Emission (AE) Technology to further exploit AE techniques in Reservoire monitoring and Passive MicrotomographyTM surveys
  • LandTech has recently developed a new krigging methodology based on neural networks with which it can provide reliable 3D underground images from seismic tomography data.
  • SEISMWIN2.2TM the latest vesrion of LandTech's seismic analysis and earthquake location program for passive surveys has been released.
  • LandTech Engineers have developed a new passive seismic sensor with flat frequency response up to 100Hz.
  • Landtech has signed an MOU with Zainy Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to form a JV company Landtech Middle East to undertake projects in the area.